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Previous Update - March 2, 2006

March 2, 2006 - Score!

I tell you... I feel oddly like a little old lady who spends her morning voyeuristically peeking out the blinds, waiting for the mail. No matter. Anyway... Today's bounty more than makes up for the disappointment I suffered yesterday!

Carma Labs sent me a free jar of Carmex and a letter. Stash Tea sent over nine tea samples, a letter, and a tea catalog. Fellowes sent me four cans of their Air Duster compressed air in a can (no letter, though — at least they didn't ask for a picture of sweet little Rufus Huxtable!) The canned air goes for $6/can, so right there, I got $24+ worth of goodies back. Thanks to Carma Labs, Stash, and Fellowes!

My letter to Long John Silver's got sent back to me — return to sender, "Unable to forward". Maybe ol' Long John got word that I was out looking for "pirate's booty" and decided to jump ship. Oh, well. I don't like fast food, anyway.

Carma Labs

Stash Tea


Long John Silver's — My First Casualty

March 2, 2006 - A Few Side Notes

I've received a few e-mails telling me that this idea is a knockoff of a book called The Lazlo Letters, in which some guy evidently did something similar to what I'm doing. Well, let me reassure you. I went to a Chicago public school, and I read at no higher than a third grade level. The last book I read was Freckle Juice — and I had to read it twice to understand it.

I can assure you that until today, I'd never heard of The Lazlo Letters. Besides, isn't everything more or less a knockoff of something else? When a musician copies another musician's style, it's "inspiration". When some poor schlub like me writes a few letters, I'm "knocking off" some other idea.

If that's how it works, so be it. Oh, and by the way, that whole "living and breathing" thing you got going on... people have been doing that for years. Get some new material.