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March 3, 2006 - I Got Punked...

Well, I knew it would happen. It was inevitable. And I knew it would be the big companies, too. Today, only bad news was to be found in the mailbox.

First off, casualty #2 came back today — my letter to Avis (#94). "Not deliverable as addressed". What exactly does that mean? How I was supposed to address it? To Mr. and Mrs. Avis? Oh well.

Hormel (#36) sent me back a letter telling me that the "fairest way" to make coupons availble was through the newspaper. Fairest? Hmmm. "Mom, Jimmy took my chili coupons!" Yeah. Fairest. They were nice enough to send me chili recipes, however. Does me little good, seeing as how I have none of their chili anywhere in my house.

Wrigley's (#6) basically told me to buy my own gum — as well as exactly where to buy it. I guess they figured since they're nice enough to keep making it, I should be nice enough to keep buying it. And I probably will. It's interesting to note that Wrigley's letter starts out, "Thank you for visiting". I didn't visit I visited the post office.

Smuckers (#40) basically just said no. Nothing fancy or elaborate. Just no. And a cute little Smuckers logo on their letterhead to top it off. Well... the joke's on Smuckers. I plan to run that letter through my juicer and make my own jellies and jams. Boom!