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March 5, 2006 - Odds and Ends

No product news today obviously, seeing as how it's Sunday — but there are a few odds and ends I figured I'd hit up...

Dollars and Cents
Several people have suggested that I keep a running total of the approximate value of the freebies I've received, as many non-U.S. readers had no idea what the cost of a White Castle burger was (come to think of it, neither did I). I thought this was a good idea, and I'll keep a total going from here on out. As it stands:

  • 4 cans of Fellowes compressed air (price online varies from $7-$10 a can, depending on the store). I'll say $8/can. $32 total.
  • 1 jar (.25 oz.) of Carmex @ $1.29.
  • 9 Stash teabags (a box of 20 bags goes for $4), so I'm at $1.80.
  • 19 White Castle burgers, 2 breakfast sandwiches, 2 orders of Chicken Rings. I haven't been to White Castle in a while, so I don't know the exact prices. The hamburgers cost $0.39 each (10 cents more for cheese). I'd put a breakfast sandwich at, what, $1.49? And the Chicken Rings at $0.99? Approximately $12.37 from White Castle.

Putting me at, for all four companies, $47.46, give or take. Still not at break-even, but close.

Thanks to the hundreds of people who cleared up the "UTF" mystery (of March 4) for me. UTF = Unable to Forward. I even had those exact same words somewhere else on the page already. Oh well — I'm not the brightest guy around. At least now I know.

"Fan" Letters
I came across a couple of amusing comments today from a few closet $39 Experiment "fans". "Chandra" writes:

I'm not sure why this is getting any publicity, to be honest. This is hardly original - you see ads all over the Internet advising you about how to write into companies for free stuff. Some of the sites etc even give you templates to use which sound a lot better than what this guy has written.

So, I take a quick glance at her site, hoping for something earthshakingly original, and what do I find? Some blather about cell phone towers and a mortgage glossary. I printed the page out and washed it with soap and water, but it didn't help — what she wrote was still incredibly dry, and it still stunk. Thanks, Chandra.

Next, some other "Tom" writes:

This is a bad project. It promotes consumerism, surely something that needs no promotion. It's boring because of its triviality, its impersonality and its lack of detail. No one learns anything revelatory, deep, useful, unexpected or moving. Please post better material next time.

So, I glance at other Tom's site, and what do I find? His ego-puffed resume, a "novel" he's written, and "music" he's composed. The entire site written, of course, with plenty of big, fancy words (also known as "a mouthful of Greek salad").

Evidently, that Tom thinks that everything about himself is "revelatory, deep, useful, unexpected and moving". The only thing "unexpected" was that there wasn't a picture of his genitals on his site. I would have expected that from someone so obviously in love with himself. Thanks, other Tom.

Anyway, here's to an eventful Monday!