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March 6, 2006 - Nine More Responses

Today's nine responses brings us to a total of 19. Let's check out what we got, shall we?

Airborne sent me a free tube of their cold remedy/energy boost drink tablets (no letter, however). Not bad, though, considering the stuff costs $6/tube, and I actually like it.

Bennigan's sent me a letter telling me to join their e-mail list if I want goodies. This letter's a keeper, though... the typo on the last line makes it all worthwhile: "If we can be of further assistance please me at 1-800..." I'm guessing there's a word missing there, but I like it this way better.

Red Lobster sent over a plain vanilla "no". Nothing fancy.

Reynold's letter says that they don't have coupons available. Instead, they sent me over a recipe brochure which — low and behold — contained two 50-cent coupons.

S.C. Johnson sent over a letter (also with a typo) and included a free ($3 max.) coupon for a Skintimate shaving gel product. My wife will like that. I'll use the coupon to divert her attention away from the Bennigan's letter...

Church & Dwight also told me that they don't do coupons. Instead, they sent me over a baking soda brochure which — low and behold! — also contained coupons. Two coupons, each for $1 off.

Pfizer sent me three 50-cent coupons for Purell, but the letter itself is what interested me more. Although Pfizer basically did the same thing that Reynold's and Church & Dwight did (i.e., they sent me a few cents-off coupons), their letter to me never said "we can't..." or "we don't..." They sent me a few coupons, and they took pride in doing so — and I actually felt less rejected by this letter.

Pepsi sent over a pen, pencil, stickers, and a gift catalog. I'll use the pen, but I doubt I'll have use for the rest of it. Still, a nice gesture. Better than flat out ignoring me. I found the last line of Pepsi's letter interesting, too. "...and good luck with all your endeavors." My endeavors? Have they seen this site or something? Maybe they're just being friendly...

Biotene sent over a few samples of their gum, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Nothing major, but I'll probably use it. They also sent over a bunch of literature and brochures on oral care. It made me feel oddly like I was in a dentist's office, and I had a brief sensation of "drillja vú".

Anyway, thanks to Airborne and S.C. Johnson for the good stuff.

Freebies Summary
Who? What?
approx. $
Fellowes Four cans of compressed air $32.00
Carma Labs One 0.25 oz. jar of Carmex $1.29
Stash Tea Nine teabags $1.80
White Castle 19 burgers, 2 breakfast sandwiches, 2 orders of Chicken Rings $12.37
Airborne One free tube of Airborne $5.99
Reynolds Two 50-cent coupons $1.00
S.C. Johnson One free ($3 max.) Skintimate coupon $3.00
Church & Dwight Two $1 Arm & Hammer coupons $2.00
Pfizer Three 50-cent Purell coupons $1.50
Pepsi Pepsi pen, pencil, stickers, and gift catalog N/A
Biotene Free samples of gum, toothpaste, and mouthwash N/A
11 companies $58.95



Red Lobster


S.C. Johnson

Church & Dwight